20-minutes MAESTRO
SYMPHONY sessions

For December only, we’re having a special MAESTRO sessions for you.


These are 20 minutes of power-packed deep dives into going beyond whatever perceived limitations you have.


What would it be like if you no longer chose from lack and limitations but from awareness and consciousness?

Annie Choi, CF and Symphony Advance Practitioner is gifting

20-minutes potency packed sessions for $50.


Is now finally the time you allow more possibilities into your life?

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon

The space generated by Annie during the SOP session can create and clear so much space, dissolve the old and dysfunctional and open you up for the new, the lightness and clarity that's required. HDIGBTT?

Would you fancy some of it?

SOP Session Testimonial

by Matt Bochsler

SOP Session Testimonial

by Sukriti Kaul

Testimonial by Sukriti Kaul

SOP Session Testimonial

by Matt Bochsler