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My First Access Bars® Session

There was a point in time when I didn't think the body was important. Suffice it to say, I have come a complete 180 degrees from that point of view!

I wasn't always so happy...

In fact, shortly after my first birthday, I went from a happy fat Buddha baby to a toddler with a continuing resting bitch face (RBF - I used Access Energetic Facelift® to change that! But that was way later in life).

It was 2017, I was unhappy, depressed and had only chosen the free resources from Access Consciousness and Dr. Dain Heer.

Then, a week before a big party event, I had burned half my face! Ouch. It was probably more like 25%. Still, it was painful and hideous.

The emergency doctor told me I had to see a plastic surgeon to fix my face.

I asked for a different possibility.

I found some body processes online from Dr. Dain Heer

While searching for something different, I came across some body processes. Dain had a list of some of his favorite body processes. But I was new to energetic bodywork. The mental and subconscious processing, I did tons of... receiving the body and receiving with the body, well, not so much!

I didn't know how they worked!

Then I remembered that Dain mentioned Access Bars® in his Being You Changing the World book!


There are Access Bars® facilitators and practitioners all over the world. I found some in my area and had the top three facilitators on a list. I didn't have much time, so I chose a facilitator who was having a class on the way to Washington D.C.

It was so stressful during the 24 hours before class.

My son went to the ER for breathing difficulties. My husband's best friend was staying with us and we were going to drive part of the way with him to his home. We were cleaning up from an event we had hosted. And my face was still healing from a recent burn.

We chose the class anyway!

In fact, the facilitator chose to change the start time because we were bringing 6 people to the class.

It was my first class so I really didn't know what to expect!

What a gift to have my first bars session with this dancer from Connecticut. It was her 3rd bars class and she celebrated becoming a brand new bars facilitator!

So my first session was during my first bars class.

And there are 100s of sessions awaiting!

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