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What’s your relationship

like with money?

In 2017, three years ago 'bac' (before Access Consciousness), while my family was on food stamps, arguing, stressing and creating drama and trauma about money and the life in general, on the verge of killing my and my dear husband Jason, made a commitment to start using the tools of Access Consciousness, CONSISTENTLY!

Watch our whole story in a video below

Fast forward couple of months later, we have started generating as much money in a month, as we did in a whole year before.

And we've never stopped expanding ever since!

Can I contribute to you from this energy?

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So... "What energy space and consciousness can you and your body be to generate, actualize and receive more money than you never imagined possible with total ease, joy and glory?"

And... "What tools can you add to your life, to take a leap and get to where you wanna be with money?"



Groups run with 4-plus participants/creators &

the investment is $50 each.

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22/10/2020 at 2pm EST
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