Energy Pulls: Love, Connection and Community

Energy Pulls - Love, Connection & Commun

November 23, 25 & 27

9AM - 930AM EST

Join me in this mini-series of 3 days, where we'll be going deep into the energy of communion, bond and love.


What could you add, or change about your expression of love, kindness and compassion that would create more joy, more ease, and more pleasure for you and for people around you? How much more contribution that could bring to the whole world?

Let's activate the vast, the unheard of, the grand possibilities and go beyond what is limiting us and keeping away from thriving in unity and joy!

being eager to change and enrich your own reality and the reality of those around you...let's spread some love and joy far & wide!

See below recording of a recent Energy Pulls series on the topic of 'EARTH'

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